Video Portfolio


We work for some seriously inspiring entrepreneurs. We do it for Fortune 300 corporations, too. And we bring the same dedication to story, no matter how big you are.

We’ve traveled the globe for over a decade telling stories of every imaginable kind, from documentary to testimonial; short films to music videos; big-budget TV commercials to shoestring productions delivered in short order.

And if that experience has taught us anything, it’s how to use storytelling to help you reach YOUR customers and get them to engage with you in massive, impactful ways.

And we’re not afraid to get a little emotional along the way. See for yourself.


PayPal: UX & Design Inspiration

A film of great emotional power, this was produced for a global PayPal User Experience and Design Summit to highlight the power and opportunity we have to change people’s lives in meaningful ways through the application of disciplined and thoughtful design.

Thermo Fisher Scientific: “Uninhibited” Web Series for Forensics

Everyone is facing the challenge of  serving customers during the COVID-19 quarantine. This series of nine episodes was created by Thermo Fisher specifically to avoid exposing their own employees to the novel coronavirus, while still delivering timely, critical information to their customers—in a fun way.

Shot entirely using innovative production methods within Zoom, this is an ongoing series.

Fitbit: James “Park” Bond

A whimsical internal-only film that launched new functionality in the company’s ubiquitous wearable devices.

DocuSeries: The Truth About ADHD

The Truth About ADHD is a 6-part docu-series that examines the state of ADHD diagnosis—and misdiagnosis—in the US.

Spanning the entire spectrum of medical practice, the series aims to help viewers understand causes and cures of symptoms that look, walk, and talk exactly like true ADHD, but are NOT… a condition referred to as Phantom ADHD symptoms. This is the trailer for that series.

Rachel Miller & Moolah Marketing

Rachel Miller is a powerhouse marketer who has figured out the systems and processes that can help ANY business explode their Facebook audience and creating targeted virality for explosive business growth.

This film is one of eight of testimonials we did for Rachel and Moolah that’s aimed at getting new business in her doors to learn her methods.

Melissa Ramos & Sexy Food Therapy

This is an example of the many branded 20-second bumpers we’ve done for Melissa, who has an active customer base of about 300,000 women worldwide. Every one of her new instructional videos opens with one of them.

For these, we did considerable preproduction to get the outfits and logistics lined up, created the look and feel, and shot them on a large white cyc that allows this “infinite white background” look.

Extensive post-production support rounds out the look.

PayPal: Product Film for “PayPal Here” Launch

This beautiful, evocative film kicked off the launch of the PayPal Here product, which allows any business owner to take credit cards using a small swipe device that attaches to their smartphone.

This film was conceived, produced and cut in about 3 weeks on a small budget.

Flavia: A Beautiful Breakdown

This short, beautifully shot film tells the poignant, wordless story of a stunning little 1971 Lancia Flavia 2000 on the day she broke down… for the second time.

Priority VA: “Effortless”

This short film is aimed at up-and-coming entrepreneurs who do everything in their business themselves, have generated massive success, but have hit the limit of what they can do themselves.

Priority VA provides advanced virtual assistants who help take businesses to the next level.

Grammy-Winning Rock Producer Profile: Sylvia Massy

Created for a Global Producer Summit, we sent a film crew to a remote location at the northern tip of California to catch up with multi-platinum Grammy-award-winning producer Sylvia Massy at Radiostar Studios.

Producer of bands like Tool, System Of A Down, Slayer, Prince, Johnny Cash, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more, we asked her to focus on what a great producer brings to ANY project.

Kickstarter: Pumpspotting

This Kickstarter film is a beautiful reminder of the importance of breastfeeding, the difficulties moms face, and the ways that moms, babies, and all those around them can support each other. This was a high-speed project that came together in just under two weeks, but the results are stunning.

 Melissa Ramos & Sexy Food Therapy: Testimonial

Melissa is a well-known nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine who focuses on women’s health issues.

We’ve created many long-form documentary-style testimonials for her business… actual case studies that live on the SFT website to inspire and encourage taking action to improve health and wellness.

 PayPal: Product Film For “One Touch”

One in a series of short, shareable social media films produced for PayPal, Inc. This series brought visual storytelling to the product suite PayPal had to offer for the first time in their marketing history. Again, its budget was very small, and timeline short, but this came in right on time, and well under budget.

PayPal: “Date Night”

This short film was used as social media marketing for PayPal, Inc. It was produced in about a week on an incredibly tight budget, but became one of the most shared videos in PayPal history.

PayPal: Employee Feature Commercial Series

This is one in a series of 8 television commercials we shot in a warehouse in Brooklyn, NY—along with a behind-the-scenes film—over the course of 3 days, in partnership with Havas Worldwide, PayPal’s agency of record at the time.

The commercials featured Samira Wiley of Netflix’s hit series “Orange Is The New Black,” and other notable stars.

PayPal: “Send Money”

This short film was used as social media marketing for PayPal, Inc. It was produced in a week on an incredibly tight budget, but became one of the most shared videos in PayPal history.

Yenko Racing: “Distant Thunder”

This is the first of three sneak previews for a Don Yenko Corvette racing team documentary at Thunderhill Raceway. This beautiful, quiet film highlights the idyllic rural farmland surrounding the track, and was intended to contain no track footage so as to contrast sharply with the thunder of on-track action shown in subsequent trailers.

We spent many 3am mornings and drove many hours to make this film happen.

 Art: “Untethered, Unbroken”

This is the unfettered dance of limitations left behind. This simple one-shot film was inspired by a bizarre occurrence: two halves of a wine glass inexplicably breaking their inseparable bond, leaving each to celebrate in their own way.

PayPal: Global All-Hands Meeting

This Matrix-themed meeting at PayPal broadcast to 33,000 employees worldwide, and it needed a lot of content. We came through for them with a film that describes the new direction the company wanted to take.

PayPal: Customer Empathy Film

This lo-fi, poignant film highlights the logistical difficulties of simply paying a bill, and the financial struggles that low-income families face when it costs too much in fees to even have a bank account.

This was an internal marketing piece designed to help product managers and executive staff understand the new direction of PayPal after the split from eBay in 2015. The goal was to turn PayPal into the financial institution that low income families use in lieu of traditional banks.

Music Video: “The Terrifying Truth”

Trip Device, an explosive San Francisco rock duo heavily influenced by electronica and dance music commissioned this short film to follow up the release of their second album, “Nowhere On Earth.”

Music Video: “Doom Buggy Hellride”

This video preceded the launch of Aloha Screwdriver’s second album, and was played at the album release party. They’ve gone on to tour with many well-known surf and rockabilly bands.